Our story:

It all started with Tom, who likes to make up rhymes. Every morning he invites me to get a hug on a rug. Tom will not hug on the floor because it doesn’t rhyme. After many years of hugging, Tom said, “You’re a rug hooker. Why don’t you design a rug just for hugging?”

So I did!

Now we have a special place in our home for our daily hugs, and we wanted to share our creation with you. You, too, can increase your positive energy with a Hug On A Rug. Research shows hugging reduces stress and enhances feelings of closeness.

I chose the colors and size of the feet to transcend race, age and gender. This rug is for hugs for anyone, anytime.

As you cherish your personal hugs, imagine your loving energy surrounding our planet Earth. Enjoy making a difference in the world, one hug at a time.

Blessings from Vermont.

Jean (and my hugger, Tom)

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